With eleven years experience and a background in arts and drama, Trace Irwine is one of Ireland's leading professional storytellers and children's entertainers. Using interactive storytelling and song she engages audiences of all ages. She has a wide collection of stories ranging from Irish and African myths and legends to fabulously spooky but humorous tales. There are also short but sweet interactive yarns for the younger audience who sometimes have a shorter attention span.

As a storyteller, Trace usually presents herself as 'The Queen of the Elves' character. This character and has a gentle and mystical quality which will appeal to both younger and older children. For other themes such as Halloween Trace can adopt a spookier character such as a witch. Using her quirky style and varied repertoire, Trace delights audiences with events ranging from private parties, schools and libraries to storytelling festivals.

Each group includes a variety of ages and abilities to focus - the story's themes and duration aim to accomodate this. Sometimes Trace incorporates circus skills games with spinning plates - these delight and entertain a wide age group. She can also lead an arts and craft collage/mural workshop focusing on the themes of the stories and songs she has shared with the children on that day.

Storytelling sessions usually last from 30 to 45 minutes (again depending on the ages and attention span) before moving onto circus skills or arts and crafts.